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Reverse Osmosis System

Treated effluent from the Ultra filtration will be fed to RO1 feed tank. From RO1 feed tank, the treated effluent pass through a series of micron filters then fed to reverse osmosis membranes stage 1 by applying by high pressure by HP pump. Meantime pH correction, chlorine removal, anti- oxidant and antiscalant dosing will be done automatically. Overall 75 percentage of water recovers from RO stage 1. All the RO system will have fully automated like service, ORP control, pH control, low pressure & high pressure dripping, automatic flushing, differential pressure monitoring, automatic cleaning, flushing etc . The product from the RO all stages permeate will feed to degasification tower for removal of carbon-dioxide and odour. After degasification the product water fed to process house for recycling.


Aquaclaim offers you the Solutions from the Effluent treatment plants to Re-Cycling plants.


The products, systems and techniques offered suits every application . Call us for the best solutions in waste water treatment.

  • 98 percentage of the Feed water is recovered in the RO system.

  • The system is installed with Automation for Pressure, pH, ORP and Flushing and monitoring the flow, pH and TDS in Feed, Permeate and Reject.

  • On Line Dosing of Anti-Scalant, Anti Oxidant and Acid.

  • De-Gasifier Tower is used to remove the Alkalinity and Bicarbonates in the Permeate Water before Reuse.

  • Permeate water TDS is less than 100 mg per Lt, Hardness Nil, pH 6-6.5.

  • Renewable Water source to save the environment.

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