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Industrial Effluent - Case Study 1

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Pharmaceutical Production in Jabel Ali, Dubai, U A E.

Project Need

The project intends to reuse waste water generated in manufacturing process in the most sustainable manner with maximum recovery possible within the budget. High in COD, BOD, TSS and FOG the waste water generated in the manufacturing process does not comply with the regulations of the country for discharging through sewer lines.


Treat, Recycle and Reuse Waste Water. Adopt advance technologies for the project with less foot print, lesser operational costs, reliable and low maintenance costs, maximum up time and maximum of water recovery.

Green Manufacturing code compliance by recycling the waste water.


Recycle waste water and reuse as make up water for cooling tower. We engaged:

Ozone - Electro coagulation - ACF - UF - RO (3stages) in a 20 feet standard container. The plant is fully automated by engaging PLC algorithms to minimise operator interventions and ease of operation.


Avoiding haulage of hazardous Effluent. Cooling Tower life Cycle is considerably improvement as water feed quality standardised to best match parameters. Water saving. (65% of trade water recycled and reused)

Cost benefit and ROI in less than 14 Months.

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