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Agitated thin flim with sludge drier (ATFD)

An Agitated Thin Film Drier (ATFD), consists of a jacketed shell precision machined from inside and a rotor having blades that maintain a close clearance from the shell.

A feed distributor at entry point distributes the liquid in a thin film on the heated wall.

The high speed rotor further spreads and intensely agitates the film as it flows down. The generated vapors flow counter currently and get cleaned by an integrally mounted entrainment separator.

agitated thin film AC.jpg


  • Residence time of a few seconds with a narrow spread is an important feature for heat sensitive products

  • Evaporation is achieved in a single pass, avoiding product re-circulation and possible degradation

  • Scale formation on the heat transfer surface is reduced due to the intense agitation of the liquid film

  • Excellent tum down capability

  • Low product holdup, ideal for hazardous applications

  • Operating pressure as low as 1 mbar and operating temperature up to 4000C

  • Special designs for clean room applications

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